It’s easy to make a sell, it’s difficult to make a sales career!

Yes you read that right, just about anyone can go out and make a sell, but everyone can’t make a long term career in the sales arena. Why you maybe asking?

Some folks call taking a order, getting a sell! Order taking isn’t the art of sales

Some folks think they can trick the customer into buying, and they’ve made a sell! Trickery doesn’t last long, maybe once or twice

Some folks can’t handle the precieved “rejection” part of the sales process, so they don’t make the sell! Sales Winners don’t give up, they go up!

Allow me to share 5 Simple Strategies to help YOU make a long term Sales Career:

  • Preparation is YOUR key to success: don’t wing-it, YOU have eveything at your fingertips to HELP you prepare and plan effectively
  • Build TRUST from YOUR first connection: Your prospect or customers has got to TRUST you to build the PARTNERSHIP you need for the long haul (do what you say, under promise-over deliver)
  • Do you CARE? Your prospect or customer has got to BELIEVE you care about them more than the pending deal
  • Are YOU really able to HELP? Your prospect or customer needs to know you can HELP them solve problems with your product and or service. There needs to be a BIG ROI (Return on Investment) to gain YOUR ROR (Return on Relationship)
  • Learn to go further than where the DEAL takes you: Do more then your customer expects of YOU and your organization. Be a partner, HELP them through your REFERRAL NETWORKS grow their business at no extra cost to them.

Larry on it’s easy to make a sell…

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Yes, it’s easy to make a sell, it’s difficult to make a sales career, but for those that have the passion to care, help, build trust and make a difference for YOUR customer, it’s really simple!

As one of my mentors Zig Ziglar taught me and millions of people over the years: “You can get everything in life you want IF you help enough other people get what they want first” On November 28, 2012 at 6am CT our master sales trainer and motivator Zig Ziglar left this world to go be with his father in Heaven, he always said; “I’ll see you at the Top!”

                                                  Good Selling to you!

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