The 3 Stages of Educational Selling Strategies

As a Sales Training Specialist, I teach and coach on a few different styles of Selling. In this posting we’ll be discussing the “Educational Selling” style. The reason there are many types of Selling styles is because we’re all different and different personalities manage different styles different, so there needs to be choices and also different types for different customers.

With this style we’ve recognized that they are three key stages of the process to help the Sales Professional maneuver through the sales process. The 3 Stages of Educational Selling Strategies are quit simple and easy to learn and incorporate into your sales process with customers, maybe not every customer, but many. A major reason many customers don’t buy is because they do not fully understand what you are selling or how they can use or benefit from your product or service. Thus we call; Educational Selling!

The 3 Stages of Educational Selling Strategies:

  1. Show the Customer: Explain clearly and demonstrate how your product or service works to achieve a particular result or benefit. I love the powerful quote; “A presentation without a demonstration is only conversation!” Seeing is believing, so SHOW your customer the benefits, don’t just tell them.
  2. Tell the Customer: Tell the customers what they need to know about the Features and Benefits, using stories, testimonials and research results. Build your case, don’t just go into selling, educate your customer, take your time. Slow down to get more!
  3. Ask the Customer: Listen, Pause, ask Questions and invite Feedback. Then ask more questions based upon your preparation, listen to understand on how you can add additional value beyond the sell.

When you master the “Educational Selling” style by following the process; Show, Tell and Ask Questions, you position yourself as an “Educator” not just another salesperson walking through those “Golden Doors”of opportunity! The more competent you become at learning your prospect or customers real needs, you become more valuable and trust can be built. Master The 3 Stages of Educational Selling Strategies and you’re on your way to greater sales success!

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