The 5 Key Strategies on Selling Value: You do want to sell value, don’t you?

There are hundreds of great tips on selling, but I’ve found as a Sales Training Specialist that there are 5 Key Strategies on Selling Value that work. The Sales Arena isn’t for everyone but definitely for the gifted and talented professionals that are customer focused and determined to making a difference and adding value.

Some Sales Professionals just go for the deal, the money, then there are those that go for the customer, for the long term relationship, for the best interest of the customer first, not the commission. Where do you stand out in the crowd of over 14 Million Sales Professionals in the United States? Everything in sales is about choices and the choices you make, make you!

The 5 Key Strategies on Selling Value:

  1. Value the Customers Outcome over Your Own Outcome; make it about the customer first, not the commission first!
  2. Value the Process of Earning the Customers Business; winners value the process of winning!
  3. Value Your Customers Time; preparation is key to valuing your customers time!
  4. Increase Your Value to Your Customer Beyond Your Product or Service; add value beyond the sell!
  5. Understand What Your Customer Values Most About Your Offering and Solutions; go deep with understanding about your customer!

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