The Six Deadly Sins of Salesmanship

Being a Salesperson is perhaps the hardest challenge you will ever face, other than raising children, building your legacy and keeping happiness at the top of the charts in your personal life! No matter how long you work on it, practicing the right behaviors is a never-ending process of growth. Knowing and avoiding the wrong ones are key to your success. So I offer the following six common salesmanship pitfalls to help you along your journey.

The Six Deadly Sins of Salesmanship:

  1. Not Believing in Yourself: Lack of self-confidence in the sales game is a self-defeating behavior. One cannot win the confidence of the customer, if there is a lack of confidence within. Everything begins from an outward reach!
  2. Not Listening Enough: This is fatal to the Success of ALL Sales professionals. To much talking and not enough listening to understand, to be able to add more value!
  3. Winging-it: This is the act of the fading Sales Professional, not the Successfully Drive Sales Professional! Your customer deserves your best to gain your best reward!
  4. Lack of Preparation: In today’s world of high-technology, preparation is simple to research. Don’t be lazy and fall into the third deadly sin of “Winging-it”! Stand out in the crowd and prepare with the customers best interest in mind.
  5. Fear of Follow-up: This is a BIG Deadly Sin, no Follow-up or lack-of. This is the key step in the sales process that will stand out the average folks from the highly successful professionals. Many deals are won because someone failed to Follow-up timely and accurately.
  6. Not Asking for the Deal: We’ve arrived at the #1 Deadly Sin of Salesmanship; Not Asking for the Deal! You’ve worked it, you prepared, you followed-up, over came objections, won the attention and trust, then BAM, left it on the table, for FEAR of rejection, or something. When you know you’ve done your job and earned the right, ask for the deal, it’s really that simple!

Don’t allow The 6 Deadly Sins of Salesmanship, keep you from growing, adding value and being the Master Sales Professional that you know you can be. Now that you know what can harm you, you can avoid the “6 Deadly Sins” and increase your potential and results!

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