Building Leadership Teams for Greater Results:

“Everything rises and falls on leadership” – John C. Maxwell

The question lies in the “How”, how do you Build Great Leadership Teams for Greater Results?

This is a BIG subject and pertains to all sizes of organizations, whether you’re a one person business or and organization of thousands, leadership is the key to growth, long term profits and results and the future vision and destiny. In this posting I’ll share 5 Principles to help you look at your leadership potential and building Leadership Teams.

5 Leadership Team Building Principles:

  1. Growth of Your Leadership Team Occurs Outside the Comfort Zone of Your People; Help Move Your Team Towards Their Potential, Through Empowerment, Trust and Personal Growth – Invest In Your Team!
  2. Hire The Best, Make Sure They Are On The Bus and In The Right Seat, Based Upon Their Skills, Passion, Experience and Character
  3. Allow Your Team Leaders To Be Persons Of Influence; Encourage This Behavior, Model and Inspire Your Team to Grow as Individual Leaders
  4. Create an Environment of Shared Ideas, Risk and Failure, and Allow Your Leadership Team to Challenge Change for The Organization
  5. Develop A Clear and Simple Vision and Purpose for Your Leadership Team to Build Upon and Chart The Course for Greater Results

Everyone wants to get better, everyone wants greater results in their organizations. But not everyone is willing to make the changes or take the risk, or make the investments (Pay the Cost) for Success! Building Leadership Teams for Greater Results, is key for ALL organizations to thrive and grow, but not all will. The questions is will yours? Are you willing to invest in the growth of your people? Are you ready for change and in some cases letting go of the reins to allow your Leadership Team to grow?

Larry on Building Leadership Teams for Greater Results

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