The Personal Qualities of a Leader:

After many years in management and leadership roles, and now as a Leadership Development Specialist I’ve discovered a list of what I call “The Personal Qualities of a Leader” to help you identify if you master any or all of this qualities.

The key to great leadership is an “Intentional Attitude” regarding personal and professional development as a leader. If you’re not growing than you may be wondering why your team, or organization isn’t growing as you might life, and that isn’t a good thing as a leader!

So here you go, please review the twelve qualities and you decide if there is room to grow for you as a leader both personally and professionally.

The Personal Qualities of a Leader:

  1. Persistence
  2. Self-Knowledge
  3. Wiliness to Take Risks
  4. Accept Failure
  5. Commitment
  6. Trustworthiness
  7. Growth Focused
  8. Empowering
  9. Great Listener
  10. Consistent
  11. Communicator
  12. Idealist

I give you twelve so that you have room to grow, one or more has got to stick with you, in areas of your strength zones that you can improve on. Leadership is about intentional growth, not accidental growth. I believe we all have many, if not all these qualities, it’s just are you growing in them as a leader?

Take this as your “2013 Leadership Quality Growth Challenge” if you will, your choice. Remember you always make choices and the choices you make, make you!

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