Developing the Salesperson Within You:

Are you growing to your greatest potential?

Please preview the video on Developing the Salesperson Within You, this isn’t about sales processes, this is about you the salesperson and action questions to help you get better. This is a slice of cake, I hope you like sweets! The whole cake is much better, but this is just a slice from my program to help businesses and sales professionals get better and increase their value and potential.

Following are a five questions to help stir up the passion and purpose deep within your soul to help develop the salesperson within you!

  1. Are you a person of growth that add’s value to yourself through self-development?
  2. Do you have a 2013 Personal Growth Plan written out and working for you?
  3. How much time or money do you invest in your own professional development throughout a year?
  4. Have you prepared a 2013 Business Sales & Marketing Plan?
  5. Are you building your “Inner Circle” that will help you reach your potential this year?

There you go, one a day to help you grow to your greatest potential, IF you take the time to invest in yourself by answering the questions then putting action behind them. Then you’ll be on a new journey of personal growth!

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