This very powerful and important question must be asked sometime in your sales life if you’re a person committed to growth?

Why should a customer buy from you?

Now I know some of my readers might be saying to themselves; because I’m good, got the best product money can buy, the highest quality of service in the world, I’m the best salesperson in the industry. All of this is good, but you may not need business and sales coaching, you may need a psychiatric coach! None of us are everything, but most of us are professionals focused to intentional growth.

If you were to take the time to invest in your growth as a professional and began listings the high important reasons why a customer should buy from you, you may list some of the same things noted below.

Reasons why a customer should or would buy from me:

√  My customers can count on me!
√  My customer can trust me beyond a shadow of doubt!
√  My customers will know I care!
√  My customers know I can help them?
√  My customers will feel my passion!
√  I will exceed my customer’s expectations every time!
√  I’m a person of value that values my customers!
√  I’ll keep growing and getting better for my customers!
√  I’ll serve my customers to the best of my abilities!
√  My company will support the relationship 100%!
√  I’m focused to building a relationship, not just getting the deal!
√  I always make my purpose greater than my reward!
√  I’m a person increasing my potential for my customers
√  My customers can bet I’ll always give the best deal and pricing no questions asked!
√  I stand behind all my products and service, no worries to my customers!
√  My customers will know I’m a partner to their growth, not just another salesperson!

I’ve got to believe that are lists are somewhat alike, with most all the comments and commitments focused to the customer not the commission, or reward of getting the deal. As a sales trainer and business coach I’ve found that the high achievers are those that are intentional about their growth, always stay to their purpose and always make their contribution greater than their reward!

Are you ready for 2013 and making this year a year to remember and the year that will set you apart from all the internal and external competitors in your field? Invest in your growth by setting aside the time to answer this customer; why should a customer buy from you? Then draft out your personal growth goals for the year, and stick with them!

If you need help in this area, I am for hire as your “Performance Coach” ready to help you launch your career, business and income to new heights for 2013! Larry offers motivational keynotes, business, leadership and sales workshops and seminars to help your people increase their potential and maximize their results.