Being A Customer (Customer Service & Selling Skills) That Wants to Buy:

We all have something in common, we are all customers wanting to buy and in most cases we are sales people wanting to sell!

A different day can offer a different perspective. Just the other day I went into a business meeting to be the “Customer That Wants to Buy”, connected with the professionals, reviewed the details, got a proposal, shook hands and said our “have a great day” closing remarks and off I went. The same evening I emailed the group thanking them for their time and the opportunity to do business in the future, made a counter offer, now two days later, no response!  I await the response.

Went into a very nice restaurant to have dinner, great service, excellent food, nice atmosphere, then the check came before I was even done with my meal, with the waiter saying; “no hurry, let me know if you need anything else”! At this stage a few things went through my mind; a) did they want my table? b) the need got filled with dinner! c) what about the “Being A Customer That Wants to Buy”?At this stage of the game, it wasn’t about what I needed, but just maybe what I wanted; DESSERT OPTIONS! Would have loved it, I’m sure, just will never know. Lost opportunity!

As a sales training specialist I’ve worked with many professionals on my tag; “Slow Down to Get More” and “Talk Less and Sell More“, I watch so many revenue and customer service opportunities go by the wayside, with the waiter hurrying through his process, or the busy professional thinking I’ll get back to them later, with a “I’m busy” mind-set. Please don’t let this happen to you or be you!

5 Mini-Tips to Help Professionals Sell More:

  1. Never hurry the customer away; keep selling until they’re done buying!
  2. Offer everything you’ve got that may match your customers agenda; most folks like the buffet!
  3. If you’re the customer not being sold too like you like, find a place that will meet your needs and wants!
  4. Slow Down to Get More; it’s not a race but a marathon, look for the opportunities to serve and grow!
  5. Talk Less and Sell More; show your stuff, offer the best, listen to learn and help your customer feel important!

Growth is intentional! Don’t let the seller stop you from buying! It does happen my friends, and if you’re the seller, don’t stop selling to move on to your next customer or think you have time, on your time schedule to respond back to your customers. Larry works with people and organizations to help help them increase their potential and results!

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