Business Strategy 101: Is knowing who’s on the playing field

The key to greater success is not just knowing who’s on the playing field, but why, how, their service and products, what they do well and not do so well to help maximize your results. It’s okay to research you competition, just don’t allow your competitors to control your every move, meaning don’t get overly obsessed with the other guy, they will always be out there trying to take YOUR business! It is what it is.

Following are 7 Tips on what to look for in those that are playing on YOUR field.

  1. Identify their strengths; what is it they do well and how can you do it better?
  2. Identify their weaknesses; what is that they don’t do so well, and how can you do it better?
  3. Know the “In’s and Out’s” of their marketing and processes and people to the best of your ability!
  4. Be aware of your surroundings; what’s new, what’s coming down the pipeline, are you in a growth process?
  5. Who are their key people, those that are getting the deal? Then ask yourself why? Learn-Adjust-Grow
  6. Are their in the “People Building”business or just selling to get the deal? And how about YOU?
  7. Are you working your “Personal Growth Plan” daily to grow and become more valuable in your Markets? This is the true key to your success, sure knowing who’s on the playing field is key, but your growth is of the highest priority, growing of what you learn and your experiences.

Leadership Development Program

Your competitors if YOU will allow, can be your best teacher, your growth generator, your path to getting better. Your competitor can be your greatest asset once you understand them better, their strengths and weaknesses. Don’t look at them as the enemy, but as your support network helping you grow to your greatest potential. It’s just a choice and a little homework for greater results!

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