Valued Business Opponents:

Yes you read that right “Valued Business Opponents” not a phrase or title you may be use to hearing so that is why I share with you, to help you think differently to achieve different results!

As a life-long Chess player I always seen my “Opponents” as the enemy the one to win over, to put down, the ones my desire was to have them throw in the towel. Same as in sales and business for many years, then BAM! I had one of those “AHA Moments” in life that changed my thinking of my Opponents and the direction of my life in Business, and yes in Chess!

This great moment in life, taught me that my “Opponent” was my Ally, one that can teach me about my strengths and weaknesses and what I needed to do to get better. My “Opponent” became my friend, not as much one to win against, but one to win with. A different twist on business thinking, but who better to help you see where you need to grow than the one your up against.

9 Things you can learn from you “Valued Business Opponents”:

  • What’s broke on your team, what’s not working (Customer Service)!
  • What you need to get better at; the beginning game, middle game, or end game (The Closing) in sales!
  • What processes could use a face-lift (Process Improvement)!
  • What moves  that didn’t work so well (Marketing)!
  • How you rate in the standings in your market (Positioning)!
  • Your sales and business strategies that need updated (Strategic Thinking)!
  • How well your game really is (Self-Improvement)!
  • How well you defend your markets (Professional Development)!
  • How well you deal with defeat (Intentional Growth)!

Larry on Building Leadership Teams for Greater Results

My mission is to help you grow both personally and professionally and to view your growth as a daily process from everyone you work with, even your “Valued Business Opponent”! Game on!

Larry works with people and organizations to help them increase their potential and results! Larry offers Motivational Keynotes, Interactive Leadership, Sales and Team-Building Workshops. Discover how Larry can inspire and motivate your people into action at your next event or conference.