The Top 5 Strategies on The Process of Selling Value:

There are many steps in the Sales Process that keeps the sells cycle moving, that helps organizations be profitable, keep people working and the consumers happy! Then there is “The Process of Selling Value” that leads the march for helping customers stay profitable, Sales Professionals in business and the economy growing.

Selling Value moves beyond the Sales Process of making a sell, getting the deal and winning the contract, it’s the level of salesmanship that moves Sales Professionals unto the level of Sales Leadership. The Sales Professionals duty to the customer isn’t about the “Sale” but the value added to the client that leads to value to your clients customer. This is where I wish your growth to go!

Top 5 Strategies on The Process of Selling Value:

  1. The Process of Self Development; working your daily growth plan to become more valuable, to add more value!
  2. Always Making Your Purpose Greater than Your Reward; adding value beyond the sale, finding ways to add additional value to your customers!
  3. Learning to Value the Process of Selling; resolve to be a “life-learner” of the sales process, investing in your growth!
  4. Becoming an “Aggressive Listener” with Your Customers; avoiding the act of putting yourself in the picture or life of your customer!
  5. Mastering the Art of Asking the Right Questions that Lead to Adding More Value; preparation is the key to adding more value through asking the right questions, never winging-it, just to get the deal!

The Sales Process can be very rewarding if mastered properly, meaning; it’s not just about getting the deal, winning the contract, but rather personal growth to becoming more valuable to your customers, adding more value and being more valuable in your market.  Growth needs to be intentional in both areas, the Sales Process and the Sales Professional for the greatest results over the longer term.

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